Breaking new ground since 1990

Abland continues to shape the South African landscape for the better with prestigious mixed-use precincts and premium office, retail, industrial and motor spaces. As a result of its commitment to creating world-class property developments and decades of experience, Abland’s quality spaces have attracted top local and international businesses. 

With an innovative approach to property development, Abland considers every detail from sustainable building practices, transport links, connectivity, state-of-the-art security, accessibility, green surroundings and improved work performance to be able to create spaces in which South Africans can break new ground.
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Accreditations and memberships

monte circle
Monte Circle Building H
4 Star Green Star Office Rating
35 Lower Long
35 Lower Long
4 Star Green Star Office Rating

Building a Better Future for Generations to Come

Abland believes that sustainable building practices are the way forward for the property industry. We take the principles of green building seriously and make it an integral part of our business and building processes. 

As members of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), we are committed to creating a better environment for all South Africans. A number of our buildings have already achieved Green Star SA ratings from the GBCSA, with many current developments being submitted for Green Star SA ratings, including Loftus Park, Nedbank Lakeview, Monte Circle, 35 Lower Long and Sandton Gate.
Social responsibility

Giving back to the community

Abland's commitment to social responsibility extends beyond property development, as we actively engage in initiatives that uplift less fortunate communities. 

Through partnerships with local organizations and non-profits, Abland implements programs that focus on community empowerment. 

These initiatives encompass skills training, job creation, and educational opportunities, providing residents with tools to improve their livelihoods. By investing in the potential of these communities, Abland aims to create lasting positive impacts that extend far beyond our property development projects.

Through these social responsibility campaigns, Abland showcases its dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of less fortunate communities, embodying a holistic approach to property development that prioritizes social impact alongside their business endeavors.
Nelson Mandela Day - Katlehong Crossing - July 2023
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